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Brick 003 - solid red

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PBR Brick texture made for architectural visualization.

Texture set includes 4 different bonds and is available in 4K [4096 x 4096px]

and 8K [8192 x 8192px] resolution.

For each bond there is a base color, normal map, height map and roughness map included.

Works with all common render engines like unreal engine, corona, blender, Fstorm, Lumion, octane render,

redshift, unity, vray.

Grout masks included (you can use them to change the color of the grout/bricks in Photoshop)

Dimensions: 500 x 500cm

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Matthias H.

1 year ago

Finally! One stunning brick in four different types of bonds!

Here is a brick-bundle with 4 types of bonds including a freestyle(!)-bond.

Clients often plan different bonds in their brick-facades to add detail of accentuate the achitecture. That can turn out to be a problem whey you only got one bondversion of a bricktexture at hand.
This bundle gives an artist the possibility to deal with texturing detailed brickfacades.

That pack is a must have for every artist out there...


1 year ago


Absolut nice quality!