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Concrete Texture Collection

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works well on large surfaces

Check out behance for high-res images.

| 20 high resolution concrete texture maps all tileable/seamless in X and Y direction

| large real dimensions for perfect use on large surfaces

| Unique collection from sandblasted concrete to rammed earth 

| Maps all in all including different Versions of concrete, Glossiness, bump, normal and height Maps.

| photographed with a professional full frame DSLM (Sony alpha 7 R II)

| License:

You can use these textures for your commercial visualisations.

Basically dont sell them in any form to anyone else. Also modified textures cannot be selled to a third party.

License is non-transferable.

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Matthias H.

1 week ago

I had to check twice - 16k, 18k, 19k?

These incredibly large scaled concrete textures are full of details.
I use them all the time.

Valentin H.

3 weeks ago

finally perfectly scaled concrete!

after i had bought the wood board collection i also got the concrete pack.
finally i can create big walls without having to fix any tiling issues. thanks!


3 weeks ago

Must have collection

love the variety and the large dimensions! Well done