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Concrete Texture Collection

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works well on large surfaces

Check out behance for high-res images.

Ready to give your architectural 3D visualization a serious upgrade? Check out our seamless Concrete Texture Collection! With a range of textures that can be used in any 3D program, you'll have everything you need to create realistic concrete surfaces that will add depth and realism to your projects. From sleek modern textures to rustic, weathered finishes, or rammed earth our collection has got you covered. Check out the free sample and overview PDF to get to know all the textures included.

| includes 20 seamless high-resolution concrete textures

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Elias N.

Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Very good experience

It's very difficult to find materials that are specifically made for architecture visualisation that match the standards of real life materials we would use for small bespoke projects. This perfectly curated collection is exactly what architects need and one can only hope it will be expanded to other materials.

Matthias H.

1 year ago

I had to check twice - 16k, 18k, 19k?

These incredibly large scaled concrete textures are full of details.
I use them all the time.

Valentin H.

1 year ago

finally perfectly scaled concrete!

after i had bought the wood board collection i also got the concrete pack.
finally i can create big walls without having to fix any tiling issues. thanks!


1 year ago

Must have collection

love the variety and the large dimensions! Well done