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Wood Texture Collection

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10 Materials | 6 different types of Wood

Looking for a way to add some natural warmth and texture to your architectural 3D visualization? Look no further than our Scanned, Seamless High Resolution Wood Texture Collection! With a variety of textures that can be used in any 3D program, our collection features seamless wood textures that will seamlessly blend into your projects. From sleek, modern finishes to weathered, rustic looks, our wood texture collection has got everything you need to take your visualization to the next level. So why wait? Enhance your work today with our Scanned, Seamless High Resolution Wood Texture Collection!

This collection contains Oak boards [rustic and new], spruce boards, plywood sheets and walnut veneer.

Each texture was created using 150-300 high-res photos that were processed to create these high-res texture scans.

They all include gloss, normal and in some cases height maps. All Maps were tested, retouched and improved during production.

Textures Work with all common render engines. For more Infos, check out the free sample and Overview PDF.

Equipment | Software used

  • Sony Alpha 7 R II [24-70mm Zeiss]
  • GODOX Ringflash + POL Filter
  • Reality Capture | Zbrush | Xnormal | Photoshop

Customer Reviews

Matthias H.

1 year ago

best choice

amazing details | large textures | finest quality | thank you!
I hope you find the chance to produce some more of these . . .

Valentin H.

1 year ago

probably the best wood board textures out there

these textures are just amazing in both resolution and -more important- quality!
thank you for putting in so much effort in them.
highly recommended!