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Tutorials, Textures, postproduction Assets.

Everything you can find here is designed to help enhance your architecture visualization workflow. We offer concrete, brick, and wood textures, as well as matte painting assets that will assist you in streamlining your postproduction workflow. Additionally, I am providing both free and paid in-depth tutorials here.

New tutorial online!

In this tutorial i want to show you how you can implement fog to your architectural visualizations. Fog can create depth in your image and you can easily focus certain image elements by softening out the background.

What people are saying

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Working with Nicolai´s assets was and still is an awesome experience for us. We are regularly using his grass, skies and backgrounds photopacks in our renderings as the assets feature great variety of lighting and details so that each rendering is in the end unique piece of art 

— Ján Mrázko, CEO & Art Director, Subpixel (

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Great quality products: ready to use, huge resolution and large variety of type. The concrete collection by Nicolai is definitely a must have for those who are working in architecture visualization.

— Claudio and Luca, internoesterno (

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Nicolai Becker's products are great! Crafted from someone who works in the field everyday and specifically knows visualizers' needs. The post-production products can be used in an infinite number of situations as they are easy to modify and adapt to any scene. The textures bundles have an incredible quality.

— Alessandro, lens (

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You can find nicolais textures in all of my images. As most of them cover large areas the tiling is minimal. Based on photographs they are very rich in detail. My favorite is the concrete collection.

— Jonas Bloch (

seamless 3d wood texture

Wood Texture Collection

Super high resolution wood texture scans from rustic oak to plywood sheets.

Concrete Texture Collection

Unique concrete texture collection including sandblasted concrete and rammed earth.

Grass Photopack

Collection of different grass photo foregrounds to streamline your postproduction.

Hi! I'm Nicolai. As an architectural visualizer with over 10 years of experience, I have had the privilege of working with some of the most talented architects in the industry, including the renowned David Chipperfield. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating visually stunning renderings, I take pride in bringing my clients' visions to life. Here I want to share assets that I am using myself to create architectural visualisations. I am also sharing free Tutorials on YouTube and more in-depth tutorials here.